AM Barr Childrens Village

This is an ongoing project for our children and youth (with assistance from UUCSV adults.) The money collected goes to support an Indian orphan, Distabor Nongrum, at the Unitarian orphanage in the Khasi Hills area of India. The funds pay for his care in the orphanage and cover: food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, supervision, etc.

His Name is Distarbor

UUCSV has sponsored a child at the A.M. Barr Children’s Village (AMBCV) in Kharang Meghalaya India since 2009. Distarbor Nongrum and his siblings were abandoned by their father after the death of their mother. They were living in a hut near some cousins, but barely making it. Distarbor was the youngest and not in good health, so he was accepted into AMBCV where he has since thrived. It is the food sales at the Yard Sale that supports Distarbor ($550-750/year).

We wrote a letter to Distarbor last year and below is his response. The pictures of the chAnne-Margaret-Barr-Childrens-Village-300x201ildren were made with the children making their name signs. Apparently we are not the only ones that have misspelled our sponsored child’s name.  For photos and more information – His Name is Distarbor.