Adult Education Programs

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” —Parker J. Palmer


Consider Leading a Class or Group for Our LFD Program!

If you would like to offer a class (one session or several), a structured group discussion, or a presentation for our church community, start by generating a workshop description using the prompts below to ensure information needed is complete and organized in a uniform way. (Hint: Just copy the prompts below, paste in a new file, complete with your information and continue with next direction.)

Class/Group Title and # of Sessions:
Course Description:
Email address: Phone #:
Co-facilitator (if any):
Email address: Phone #:
Preferred Dates (submit at least 2 options please):
Preferred Times (list first and second choices):
Space Requirements:
Registration Cut-off Date (typically no more than a week before):
Minimum Number of People Required
Maximum Number of People Accepted (if relevant):
Any Materials Presenter Needs Assistance with from LFD Committee:
Materials Cost to Participants:

Email or hand-deliver your course description to Cory Ness our Director of Religious Education. Once your class/event offering is received, it will be reviewed by the Adult Education Committee for inclusion. Know that the approval process is about being consistent with our  mission statement, space availability, and church resources – not you.

Once dates, rooms and logistics have been worked out, you will be contacted by a “point person” to begin the publicity and sign-up process, usually a month before the event. The  committee will look to you to direct the type/amount of support you may need from us. Please be sure to include your email address and phone number in your write-up. Cory will place a clipboard with each course sign-up sheet on the LFD table.

Feel free to make a copy of the registrants who signed up. It is suggested that you email the group (or call anyone w/o an email), reminding them of the date for the class’s first session and anything they need to bring or do beforehand. This information is also important if a class cancellation or postponement must occur.

**** Thank you so much for volunteering to share your time, interests, and experience with others in our spiritual community. Your efforts are deeply appreciated!****


To register for an Adult Education program you must sign up on the clipboard provided for the class on the LFD counter in the narthex. Each class or presentation is dependent on meeting a minimum number of participants set by the facilitator.