Category: Committee Information


Chair:  Dottie Cox, Chair:  Norma Riley. This committee responds to the joys, concerns, and needs expressed in our church community.  We provide food, transportation, occasional and long-term visiting, cards and phone calls.  The committee also takes the responsibility for receptions…

Board of Directors

This is the governing body of the church. It is comprised of seven members who serve three-year terms. Current members of the Board of Directors. Officers Robert Hurt, President Lynnette Embree, Vice President Owen Lowe, Treasurer Stewart Brown, Assistant Treasurer…


Chair: Jeph Embree This committee maintains the church building as well as arranging for work days for members and friends.


Chair: Robert Haskins This committee is developing ways to improve church communications such as the website, emails, facebook, newsletter, etc.


Chair: Joe Maio This committee oversees the UUCSV endowment fund as well as educating the congregation about giving opportunities. Stewardship of our church is more than paying the annual bills. It is also the laying aside of resources to serve…


Chair: Willy Hayes Chair: Teri Merrill This committee determines and monitors the financial condition of the church as well as oversees money-raising operations and projects.


Chair: Judy Miller This committee maintains the church grounds and arranges for work days for members and friends.

Leadership Development and Nominating

Chair: Deirdre Cochran This committee nominates people for elected positions. These include positions on the Board of Directors and on the Leadership Development & Nominating committee. This committee also provides leadership development and assists finding chairs and members for committees.

Adult Education

Chair: Katie Mack This committee supports adult programs that explore and promote the ideals found in our seven principles by providing facilitative support (such as enrollment in and advertising) for a wide variety of programs. They also manage the Covenant…