Church Finances

In carrying out its wide ranging mission, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley seeks to wisely and prudently manage funds made available through the generosity of its members and friends. The annual church budget is prepared by the Finance Committee, approved by the Board of Directors and ratified during the Annual Congregational Meeting in May or June of each year. The Board appoints the Treasurer who is responsible, in collaboration with the Finance Committee, for assuring that: (a) church funds are properly secured and disbursed; (b) complete and accurate records are maintained of all financial transactions; (c) monthly financial status reports are supplied to the Board; and (d) the Board receives timely advice on all financial matters affecting the church, including proposed financial policies and procedures which the Board may wish to adopt.

Users may gain access to recent church financial documents by clicking on the topic(s) of interest. All questions concerning the church’s finance should be directed to the Church Administrator.