Council on Committees

Council on Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome.



  1. Function as a manager of church operations.
  2. Provide a liaison between church committees and the Board (even if Board Liaisons are reinstituted – a subject for Board discussion).
  3. Provide a forum for sharing significant information and needs among the leadership.
  4. Coordinate committee activities, encourage cooperation among committees, and promote a collegial (non-parochial) approach.
  5. Monitor committees’ current and future needs and staffing, and promote the recruitment of volunteers to adequately staff the committees.
  6. As a group, analyze the reasons for committee turnover and suggest solutions.
  7. Implement and disseminate Board policy to the committee leadership of the church.
  8. Encourage use of the church website by committees.
  9. Encourage use of UUA and JPD websites and listservs by committees.
  10. Create and maintain (with Administrator) the church calendar.
  11. Encourage committees to actively address the goals in the 5-Year Plan. (But this might be more effectively done by reinstituting Board Liaisons.