Chair: Joe Maio

This committee oversees the UUCSV endowment fund as well as educating the congregation about giving opportunities.

Stewardship of our church is more than paying the annual bills. It is also the laying aside of resources to serve our programs and expansion in future years. It is to provide our church with a “savings account” to undertake missions not necessarily in our year-to-year budgets.

As this account grows, it will enhance our credit rating as well as providing funds for special projects, e.g. in social justice and community outreach.

You can contribute to the Endowment Fund in a variety of ways. These can range from outright donations of any size to estate planning strategies providing for retirement security with tax advantages.

To get started, contact Endowment Committee members at 540/869-6965 or email Endowment@uushenandoah.org.

Click Below for information on the Doug Adams Endowment Grant

Doug Adams Grant