Ingathering Potluck and BBQ

Board/Social Committee hosts our annual gathering with hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers, Our congregational potluck celebrates the start of our new Church year together.

Sharing Suppers

Coming Soon



Arts, Baked Goods, Crafts (ABC) 

The place to purchase handmade & bakery items for the holidays.


Annual Chili Cook-off

Gives everyone an opportunity to show off their “hot stuff.”

Heart to Heart Cafe

For anyone who wishes to read a poem, sing a song, play an instrument or put on a skit for everyone’s entertainment while sampling specially made chocolate desserts.


Annual Service and Goods Auction

Everyone is invited to donate and purchase dinners, services and goods.

Ice Cream Social
Yard Sale

This group organizes and manages a yard sale (coincides with the ANNUAL ROUTE 11 YARD CRAWL) at the church each year to help members clear and simplify their homes while making money for our church. Meets a few months prior to the yard sale.

See our weekly announcements for news about other events.