Inclement Weather Policy

Interim UUCSV Inclement Weather Policy

Our general policy is to conduct regular services every Sunday for those able to get to the church. When weather conditions significantly limit attendance, we may cancel the planned program and instead conduct informal, small group worship. When severe weather conditions threaten travel across the entire northern Shenandoah Valley area, all services will be cancelled.

Notifications by the Church

When the minister is in the pulpit, the minister will make the decision to change the program or cancel services. In other cases, the worship chair will make that decision.

The decision to change or cancel services will be posted on the church website and Facebook page no later than 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, but may be made posted earlier if possible. The notice will indicate whether there will be a regular service, informal service, or no service. A group distribution email will be sent if possible.

Notifications by Members

If we are having regularly scheduled services, volunteers (teachers, choir, greeters, coffee servers, ushers, etc) unable to drive to church should arrange for their replacements or notify the appropriate coordinator in the same way they would on any other Sunday they had to cancel.

If we cancel the planned program and have an informal service, volunteers do not need to call-in or find replacements. We will make do with whoever is able to attend.

This policy does not replace common sense. Members who don’t feel safe driving should not attempt to come to church. It’s also possible that power/cell phone outages may disrupt our ability to put notices on our website, Facebook, and emails. Members without access to the internet or email should plan ahead to have other members call them with updates. Members should not call the church for updates.