How to Join UUCSV

We invite you to consider becoming a Member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley. Our committee’s mission for prospective members is to provide programs and classes which help welcome, educate, and enroll you into the life of the Church, and guide you toward small group opportunities that will help you deepen your connection. Take your time to explore and experience our worship and activities, and when you are ready to join, we’ll be very happy to welcome you into full membership.

Unitarian Universalism Orientation for Newcomers

This class is highly recommended for anyone who is considering membership, or ready to join, or anyone who would like more information about our denomination. Some of the topics covered in the sessions are:   History of UUs; Your spiritual journey; religious concepts; a tour of the church; church structure; and the membership process.           

Become a Member by Completing the Enrollment Forms

When you no longer feel like a guest and feel like you are at home here you may be ready to join our Church community. If you are ready to deepen your connection and commitment to this Church, please print a copy of the The Path to Membership packet (below)or pick one up from the Newcomer Table any Sunday and complete the enrollment forms at home. Return the three enrollment forms to the Membership Chair or to the Church Administrator, who will arrange an appointment for you with our minister(s) to sign the Membership Book.

Some Benefits of Membership:

We welcome your decision to join us, and hope that your relationship with UUCSV will spiritually, intellectually and emotionally uplift you. In community, we have the power and strength to bring about positive change in the world.

  • As a Member, you will become part of a vital and dynamic community of faith and action.
  • Your voice will join hundreds of others who speak for social justice, freedom of thought and religious expression, the worth and dignity of every human being, and environmental stewardship.
  • Voting Members* are eligible to make decisions about the budget and other important issues at the Church Annual Meeting each spring, and other member meetings that may be called from time to time.
  • You will receive all regular church communications–including our informative newsletter, the weekly e-news, as well as UU World, the journal of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • * Voting Member: A member, who is at least 16 years of age, has signed the Membership Record Book, and, during the preceding 12 months, made a financial contribution of record.

Responsibilities of Membership:

Carefully consider the responsibilities of membership before you make the commitment. Members and friends of UUCSV make promises to each other; we covenant to keep Love the spirit of our Church and to treat each other with respect and honesty. Members readily and generously give of their time, talents and financial resources. As a group covenanted together into a church, a financially healthy church is the responsibility of all members. For this church to live on for those who will come after us, we must care for UUCSV today and keep it strong.


Getting Involved is the Key to Membership

Ways to Connect at UUCSV

What you experience at UUCSV is a dynamic and transforming community of faith, devoted to personal spiritual growth and to social justice in our world. Members readily and generously give their time, talents and financial resources to support the Church Mission because they want to; because this is their chosen church home; and because a spirit of generosity and commitment is the result of active participation in our faith community.   This is what is meant by high commitment members. Are you prepared to make this kind of commitment?

Attending the worship service on Sunday is a very special experience, but most members find that, over time, it is not enough to sustain their commitment to the church. We know of no better way to deepen your connection, as well as increase your reward, than by active engagement in a church program that most closely matches your needs. Don’t wait! Click here to find a group, program or activity that feeds your soul and in which to involve yourself as soon as possible. This is how you will start “feeling a part of” the church, and in return, the people of UUCSV will become a community for you.


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