Pledge Drive Is A Success!

Thanks to last-minute new pledges and supplementary pledges last Sunday, we’ve finished with a FY17-18 total of $202,775 – about $28,000 or +16% over last year.  Most importantly, we met our $200,000 goal, in fact exceeded it!  This is a major step towards rebuilding our finances – and towards becoming the church that we want to be.  Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed so generously!

With this, the ’17-18 pledge drive is formally and officially over.  The pledge box is gone and the thermometer will come down next Sunday.  But, if you’re one of the very few who didn’t get around to pledging during the campaign, don’t despair (smiley face)!  Your contribution is still needed and will be welcome as we prepare for the challenges ahead.

Mark Lore, Chair, Stewardship Committee