Right Relations

Our Covenant:images

Love is the spirit of this church.

The quest for truth is its sacrament.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in freedom and

To help our neighbor,

To these ends we covenant one with another.


Our Promises:

With this UUCSV covenant as our source and with goodwill and honest effort, we promise to: 

  • Welcome all who come to us, keeping in mind the differences among us and remembering that building community requires learning and practice;
  • Listen carefully and choose our actions mindfully;
  • Act with loving kindness, compassion and patience, reflecting carefully on the effects of our words;
  • Speak out when we witness disrespectful interactions;
  • Respect one another by speaking directly to those with whom we disagree, asking for help when needed;
  • Acknowledge that sometimes we must agree to disagree;
  • Ask ourselves if we are promoting our Unitarian Universalist principles.

About a Right Relations Covenant

A covenant is a sacred promise to each other that we will behave in a certain way. The Seven Principles of the Unitarian-Universalist Association that we follow are a covenant. In our interim process it became apparent that we, as fallible human beings, hadn’t been able to live and act according to our principles at all times. Of course, no one can but we believed we could do better. There had been hurt feelings from words and written communications and we had elephants that weren’t discussed.

After many discussions, the Board made a commitment to writing a Covenant of Right Relations and named a Task Force to take us through the process. The Task Force engaged in many different approaches to reach as many congregants as possible, including newsletter articles, educational events, a workshop, activities in the covenant groups and the youth group. After a draft was written we held an open house and incorporated suggestions from the congregation. Our covenant is called “Our Promises” and was approved at the annual meeting on June 2, 2013.