Safe Congregation Policy

Safe Congregation Policy


Following over two years of research, discussion and revisions by many UUCSV members, your Board of Directors has voted to adopt this UUCSV Safe Congregation Policy attached.

In order to gain experience with the new policy and determine the need for possible revisions, the Board intends to have the Church operate under this Policy for one year before reopening discussions of possible changes.

Throughout the formulation of this policy this Board has maintained a strong commitment to the following:

1. To allow whatever time was needed to create a document that would best serve UUCSV at this time.

2. To honor and respect each individual’s rights and dignity while at the same time providing ways to keep all persons attending UUCSV events as safe as possible.

3. To provide educational opportunities and to invite and consider feedback from all membership through a variety of venues prior to voting on the Policy.

The adoption of this Policy by this Board has not come quickly, or without some deeply felt opposing opinions on the part of some individuals in the Congregation. The Board encourages individuals who are disappointed with aspects of the

Policy to continue working with UUCSV leaders to ensure that the Policy is implemented in a fair and compassionate manner and that UUCSV “stands on the side of justice” in defending the rights and interests all members of our American society.

Much gratitude is owed to the members of our Congregation who have expressed their views on Congregational safety for over more than two years and have actively participated in discussions on this topic. Gratitude is also extended to the many members of both task forces, each of which spent long hours researching and assisting in crafting earlier versions of this document.  It is due to their work, this Policy has evolved into its present form.  And finally, we acknowledge and thank those members of the UUCSV leaders positions for their many contributions and close collaboration which has culminated in Board approval of this document on May 24, 2012 by unanimous vote.


Katie Mack, President.  UUCSV Board of Directors

Dick Dugan, Vice-President, UUCSV Board of Directors

Bob Gettings, Treasurer, UUCSV Board of Directors

Ann Cross, Secretary, UUCSV Board of Directors

Anna Dennis, UUCSV Board of Directors

Joyce Badanes, UUCSV Board of Directors

Leslie Blackburn, UUCSV Board of Directors