Share the Plate

UUCSV Share the Plate – What it is and How it Impacts our Community

Share the Plate (StP) is a Social Action funding mechanism that the Social Action and Justice committee initiated in October 2013. Instead of the committee deciding what organizations to support financially, Share the Plate will allow the Congregation to choose which Social Action and Justice Organizations to support financially and determine the funding amount through Sunday contributions. The principle aims of the church’s Share the Plate program are to: a) broaden UUCSV’s social justice initiatives; b) promote a heightened sense of awareness and generosity within the congregation; and c) increase the surrounding communities’ awareness of UUCSV.

  1. Share the Plate collections (non-pledge) will be split 50-50. The recipient organization shall receive a check for half of the collection from the church. Any individual, group or committee within UUCSV may propose a recipient of Share the Plate. The proposed recipient’s activities must be consistent with our UU principles.

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Share the Plate Nomination Application

2.  You may be wondering – how can I nominate an organization for StP? It’s easy —- submit an application to the SAJ committee. Applications are available in the back of the Narthex or you can print or download from the links below. We ask that the UUCSV sponsor of the proposed recipient be the primary liaison between SAJ and the organization.

Word Document      Complete application, SAVE AS to your computer, and email as attachment to:

PDF Document         Print form, complete, place in SAJ mailbox outside main church office.

Current Share the Plate Recipients:

Date         Recipient Organization                                                    Amount Shared

4.12.15     Virginia Sierra Club                                                                  $

5.10.15     Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum                                       $

6.14.15     Literacy Volunteers Winchester                                                 $

7.12.15     FISH of Clarke County                                                              $


Past Share the Plate Recipients:

Date         Recipient Organization                                                             Amount Shared

9.14.14     Lord Fairfax Branch of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank                  $ 570.00

10.12.14    William and Henry Evans Children’s Home                                  $ 440.55

11.9.14      Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River                       $ 445.50

12.14.14    Minister’s Discretionary Fund UUCSV                                         $ 268.50

1.11.15      Stephens City Fire and Rescue                                                 $ 362.50

2.8.15       Concern Hotline                                                                      $ 366.50

3.8.15      Winchester Branch, NAACP                                                      $ 516.00