Transition Update from UUCSV President Robert Hurt

Dear Members and Friends of the UUCSV,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the UUCSV Board of Directors (BOD), and with regards to the transition in which we are currently involved as a congregation.

It is my deeply felt hope that during this process of ministerial change, we don’t lose sight of who we are, as succinctly expressed in the Next Steps Weekend Final Report.

One portion of the report describes our history as a congregation. The report briefly describes the congregation starting as a group of like-minded individuals meeting in homes – then graduating to rented spaces – and finally, now, as a settled congregation in our second church site.

Our church is not merely a building; nor is it the person who ministers to us from the pulpit. Our church is the people you sit with on Sundays, the people that you engage with at church activities, the people you are in covenant with, the people you work with on committees, the people you share your joys and concerns with – and the visitors and future members in search of a spiritual home with whom you share your heartfelt feelings and thoughts.

Our history reflects relationship with a number of minsters, as well as a number of meeting sites. Each transition has had an impact on us, contributing to shaping our identity as a congregation. Each change has challenged our stability, as change can induce a variety of reactions, including fear, anxiety and excitement. Changes in the past have resulted in new ideas, new growth, and new depths to the foundation of who we are, as a circle of people in covenantal relationship, one with another: the UUCSV.

Right now, the BOD’s focus is to support the congregation with change brought on by our minister’s resignation. This has meant very active communications with the UUA and JPD. We are following the good advice of these support organizations on how best to proceed. Beginning in January, theUUA and/or the JPD will help facilitate a process of congregational discernment. This will start with a facilitated Town Hall Meeting on January 4th. The Board will be publishing a draft transition schedule after their December 17th meeting. More information will be disseminated as we have it.

We may all have different perspectives, as this is core to our faith; but we are, also, in a covenantal relationship. As such, and with right relations, we will grow from the experiences of the moment, and increase the strength and unity of our community, the UUCSV!


Robert Hurt, President BOD – UUCSV