Committees & Groups



This committee nominates people for elected positions. These include positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating committee.

Chair: Mike Deem

Board Liaison: Dottie Cox


Finance: Finance determines and monitors the financial condition of the church as well as oversees money-raising operations and projects.

Chair: Wayne Keeler

Co-Chair: Needed

Board Liaison: Mark Lore

Endowment: Oversees UUCSV endowment fund as well as educating the congregation about giving opportunities.

Chair: Needed


The mission is to enhance the awareness of members of the congregation of the shared responsibility of the church to provide support to its members and of the members to support the church. This committee conducts the annual canvass.

Chair: Robert Hurt

Board Liaison: Mark Lore


Membership Activities: Provides several services for members and for guests interested in becoming a member. Several sub-committees work together for services to members and friends:  The Membership Process, Caring, Newcomers, and Mentoring.

Caring Committee: This sub-committee which conveys support and concern of the congregation to those in illness, crisis or bereavement.

Pastoral Chair: Rev. Russ Savage

Caring Chair: Justine Beck Rose

Newcomers: Develops and administers a process for welcoming visitors, providing them with information about the church, and assisting them in the process of becoming members. They coordinate greeters who welcome and introduce visitors during Sunday Services.


The Personnel committee is established to ensure the UUCSV implements fair employment practices in keeping with the hiring and compensation guidelines of the UUA.

Chair: Bill McShea

Board Liaison: Sandra Henry-Stocker


This committee acts as a consultant with regard to the church constitution and by-laws. Meets as needed.

Chair: Cal Allen

Board Liaison: Monica Singh-Smith


Responsible for planning and presenting the services when minister is not in the pulpit. The minister has this responsibility when in the pulpit. The committee manages all the details of the service requirements including audio/visual, music, etc. This committee manages the ushers and sound system.

Chair: Alice Irvin

Board Liaison: Amy Fielder

Ushers:  Ushers report to the Worship Committee. They provide Orders of Service to Sunday attendees and help them find seating.

Social Action and Justice

Coordinate and lead church effort in social action and justice projects in the area/region.

Chair: Gloria Kelm

Board Liaison: Mark Lore

Religious Education

Adult Education (AE): AE supports Cory Ness, Director of Religious Education in providing adult programs that explore and promote the ideals found in our seven principles by providing facilitative support (such as enrollment and advertising) for a wide variety of programs. They also manage Covenant Groups.

Co-Chairs:  Rebecca Allen and Liz England

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant

Children & Youth Religious Education: Provides quality year round religious education for preschool through 12th grades youth.  Cory Ness, Director of Religious Education, recruits and trains teachers and oversees the operation of classes and program.

Chair:  Barbara Peters

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant

Building/Grounds/Green Sanctuary/Memorial Garden

Building: Maintains church building as well as arranging for workdays for members and friends.

Chair:  Willy Hayes

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant

Grounds: Maintains church grounds and arranges workdays.

Chair:  Miki Leeper

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant

Green Sanctuary: Green Sanctuary meets monthly to explore ways to help our congregation become more responsibly green.

Chair:  Jane Laura Doyle

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant

Memorial Garden: This committee is responsible for the development of  our memorial garden.

Chair:  Michele Worthing

Board Liaison:  Bruce Bryant


Auction Committee: The church has an annual services and goods auction organized and managed by this committee. Usually meets 5 months prior to the auction.

Chair:  Rebecca Allen

Board Liaison:  Mark Lore

Yard Sale:  This group organizes and manages a yard sale (coincides with the ANNUAL ROUTE 11 YARD CRAWL) at the church each year to help members clear and simplify their homes while making money for our church. Meets a few months prior to the yard sale.

Chair:  Eric Stocker

Board Liaison:  Mark Lore


Coordinates  social activities, potlucks and sharing suppers.

Sharing Suppers: Are small groups (usually 8 adults) that gather occasionally – usually once a month- to share a meal.

Chair:  Mary Haskins

Board Liaison:  Jim Peters


This committee is developing ways to improve church communications such as the website, emails, newsletter, etc.

Administrative Assistant: Sheryl Wilhide

Board Liaison:  Monica Singh-Smith


Choir: The choir performs for Sunday Services and selected events. Choir practice is Thursday evening and new members are always welcome.

Coffee & Kitchen:  This group maintains the kitchen in an orderly fashion as well as coordinating volunteers for making coffee and clean up on Sundays.

Covenant Groups: These small groups gather monthly making a covenant to meet for a year (renewable) to discuss a topic generated by the DRE and our Covenant Group Advisory Members to deepen personal relationships and spiritual growth. Contact our DRE, Cory Ness for more information.

Flowers: Provides flowers to decorate the sanctuary for Sunday services.

Greeters: Greeters report to the Newcomers Committee. They greet and welcome visitors and guests at Sunday Services.

Grocery Cards: This fund-raising program with volunteers to sell Grocery Store Gift cards. We use them to buy groceries at Martins and Food Lion and the church receives a rebate.

Hats with Heart:  This congenial group of knitters meets monthly on the fourth Friday of the month in the Church Library for knitting and crocheting tips and conversation.

ROMEOS: This group of men meets monthly for lunch and lively discussion and brotherhood

Sharing Supper  Small groups (usually 8 adults) that gather once a month to share a meal.