Committees & Service Groups


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Membership Committee

Mission Statement:

The UUCSV Membership Committee fosters the growth and continuity of the congregation by: (a) creating a welcoming environment for visitors to the church; (b) explaining the principles of Unitarian Universalism and the related activities of the church to visitors, especially individuals expressing an interest in joining the congregation; (c) assisting members and friends to cope with serious illnesses, injuries and personal/family crises and celebrate major life passages (weddings; births, anniversaries, etc.); (d) mentoring new members and helping them to become fully assimilated, contributing members of the congregation; and (e) maintaining contact with members and friends of the church and helping them along their personal and spiritual journeys, including re-establishing and strengthening ties to the church community when appropriate; (e) assists the Stewardship Committee in promoting year-round stewardship within the congregation.

Task Forces

Auction Committee: Jeff Embree chairs this event. The church has an annual services and goods auction organized and managed by this committee. Usually meets 5 months prior to the auction.

Constitution and By-Laws: Chaired by Cal Allen, this committee acts as a consultant with regard to the church constitution and by-laws. Meets as needed.

Library: Currently the chair is vacant. This committee maintains and organizes the library. Meets as needed.


Choir: Directed by Mariana Mihai-Zoeter, the choir performs for Sunday Services and selected events. Choir practice is Thursday evening and new members are always welcome.

Covenant Groups: These small groups get together monthly making a covenant to meet for a year (renewable) to discuss a topic generated by the DRE and the groups’ facilitators to further our personal relationships and spiritual growth. Groups are formed by the LFD committee.

CUUPS/Earthways: This is a local group of UU pagans and Covenant of UU Pagans, which are part of the denominational organization.

Flowers: This group provides flowers to decorate the sanctuary for Sunday services. Contact Peggy Maio if you can help with the flowers.

Greeters: Greeters report to the Newcomers Committee. They greet and welcome visitors and guests at Sunday Services.

Grocery Coupons: Margaret Schad manages this fund-raising program with volunteers to sell Grocery Store Gift cards. We use them to buy groceries at Martins and Food Lion and the church receives a rebate.

Lunch in the libraryKitchen: This group of volunteers maintains the kitchen in an orderly fashion as well as coordinating volunteers for making coffee and clean-up on Sunday.

Name Tags & Church Directory: Sign up at the information table to be listed in the church directory and receive a name tag for use at Sunday Services and other church events.

Newsletter: The newsletter is published monthly and available on the website and printed copies are available in the Narthex. Claire Haskins is the newsletter editor.

ROMEOS: This group of men meets monthly for lunch and lively discussion and brotherhood.

Ushers: Greeters report to the Sunday Services Committee. They provide Orders of Service to people entering the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and help them find seating. They also facilitate the sharing of joys and concerns by providing microphones. They pass the bowls for the offering and count the proceeds.

Webmaster: Scott Riley is our webmaster. Also, the new Communications Committee is working on updating and adding to our website.

Welcoming Congregation: The church has many activities under several committees to ensure that the church continues to be a congregation that provides a special welcome to those who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered.