Memorial Garden

An Oasis for Remembrance


How Can I place a memorial in the garden?

Any member or friend in good standing is eligible to reserve a space in the Garden. A space is defined as a finished brick (or bricks) inscribed with a person’s identifying information. Two types of reservations are possible.

One Brick Option – a single memorial brick is available at a cost of $75. These bricks may be inscribed with a person’s name and/or a short message. These can celebrate a birth, marriage, anniversary, graduation, or anything you wish.

Two Brick Option – Two memorial bricks may be purchased for those wishing to inter ashes in the garden. The first will be inscribed with the person’s name, the second with their dates of birth and death. Of course you are free to distribute the ashes elsewhere and still memorialize your loved one’s life in our Garden. Cost for this option is $450, if paid in advance. The price includes the fee for interment of ashes. The first brick will be ordered and placed upon reservation. The second brick will be placed when the date of death becomes available.

What is it – Where is it?

Established 2006 – Our memorial garden is located on the eastern side of the church between  the building and the parking lot. Planned and planted with the assistance of the Grounds Committee, it is a place to honor and remember ourselves, our families and friends. Here we may inter ashes and hold ceremonies and celebrations and you are welcome to sit in quiet refection and contemplation.

A brick walkway extends through the garden and enlarges into a gathering area at the center. Finished bricks bearing the names of those memorialized are located along the edges of the path and the central area.

 Funding Information

Funds for the maintenance of our Garden are provided mainly by the sale of the memorial bricks. We encourage you to consider purchasing a brick. In addition to establishing a memorial for yourself or someone else, your payment is a contribution to support the maintenance of our Garden as well as the legacy and history of our congregation. Please take a stroll through our Garden and read the sentiments inscribed on the bricks.

For generations, burial sites were located in and around churches. Then, as time passed, customs changed and restrictions were imposed. In many cases, people had to be buried elsewhere. Recently, cremation has greatly increased in public acceptance and popularity. This has made possible a return to the tradition of having one’s final resting place on the grounds of the church. Such a Memorial Garden has been established at the UUCSV.

Many years in the planning, in 2006 our lovely Memorial Garden became a reality. We are proud to offer a place to memorialize loved ones and to hold ceremonies and celebrations that will help foster a sense of continuity and history for our congregation. We welcome you to spend some time here, to sit in quiet reflection and contemplation.

For more information

Contact – Michele Worthing, Memorial Garden Committee

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